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Welcome to the Mission Macedonia website

We thank you for your interest, and please feel free to contact us if you are unable find all the information you need.

Mission Macedonia, in its official sense, is an organisation set up by Richard Jobbins together with Jason Bryant and we are currently in the process of applying for Charitable status. Whilst Richard and Jason are the people responsible for the running of Mission Macedonia we are also hugely blessed to have the constant support and encouragement of Kevin Elliot, Ian Packer and many other people too numerous to mention here.
So why Macedonia and what’s the Mission?
There are many reasons why, firstly we love Macedonia and the people and our earnest desire is to bless, encourage and support them. We are overtly a Christian organisation and are (as Romans 1:16 says) unashamed of that yet our desire is to simply bless people regardless of their belief. We believe by supporting, encouraging and equipping the Church we are giving them the tools to do the same for those in their communities in need. We rely extensively on Jimmy, his Church networks local knowledge and their hands on approach to ensure that support is prayerfully directed where the need is greatest.
You may have read something of our stories and our journey to this point but Mission Macedonia’s story, as an organisation, began in 2016 when Richard, Jason, Kevin and Ian met on  Monday nights to pray and fellowship in what we called “The Boiler House”, 2016 was a pivotal year for us. What you read here today, in some sense, was birthed in prayer during those 12 plus months and we have tried (to our best ability) to continue this by making every step a prayerful one. What we found is that as we prayed on those Monday nights the Lord would turn up every week and it wasn’t long before it became very obvious that his desire was for us to step into something more structured with greater impact. One Monday night in September 2016 we asked the Lord for words for Macedonia, this night was the tipping point for us. As we prayed the Lord spoke very clearly to us. Kevin had a word about the town of Delchevo and scripture and Jason had a vision for the Town of Veles with words and scripture. These words, vision and scripture were so prophetic and very obviously from the Lord. The seed of Mission Macedonia had been sown many months before this night but this night was the time for this seed to germinate. Since that night the Lord has led us into something truly incredible.
We have no problem in saying that the birth of Mission Macedonia happened exactly as we have stated above, but, in reality this story started many years prior with our great friend and mission partner Jimmy. We can trace our story way back to the start of Jimmy’s story in 1997. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Jimmy you will find a man of great integrity, love, compassion and humility like no other we have met. Jimmy has quietly and relentlessly served Macedonia for the Lord for many years. In 2005 Richard Jobbins received his call to Macedonia and since that day has supported Jimmy and his Churches, and in turn the Macedonian people, often on his own. For ten years Richard was convicted to support and bless Jimmy and the churches and to share his vision with anybody he could, in 2015 the Lord brought more workers for the harvest and the rest, as they say, is history.
So that’s some of the why, so here’s the what..
Our mission, in its simplest terms, is twofold. Firstly we are an organisation that seek to bless, encourage, support and equip the church. We partner with Jimmy as he is very much active in the poorer communities and his selfless giving and humble nature make it very easy to direct this support. Secondly we are an organisation that seeks to impact the lives of those who are in poverty, poor health, marginalised and in any type of need. We, as an organisation, chose to support the church as our first objective because we believe that by supporting and equipping the Church and its members we are strengthening an organisation whose primary driving force is one of love and service. By doing this we empower the church members to partner with us to carry out effectively our second objective. By doing this we see a reciprocal partnership whose impact is both esteeming and positive.  As part of our support of Jimmy’s churches we hold conferences called “New Hope” and our hope is that through these conferences we will see unity between different denominations flourish in Macedonia.
What’s in the pipeline?  What can you pray for?
Mission Macedonia’s Charity status to be granted
Finances to bring four young Macedonian leaders over to experience Soul Survivor – for this we need circa £3,000
Finances to set up a scholarship programme for college or university – for this we need £500 per person, per year, for college and £1000 for university. We have two people in mind already.
Finances for the extension and rebuild of the newly acquired building in Kavadarci into a larger Church – for this we need £5,000
Completion of the Evangelist Centre as currently there is no place in Macedonia to train and equip the Church in any scale. We know that the Lord is doing something in Macedonia and we need to equip people for this – for this we need circa £50,000
Finances to build and equip an office space for Jimmy – for this we need circa £2500
Finances to employ a person to manage the administration of the Churches – for this we need £150 a month ongoing
Wisdom, pray that we would be wise and humble as we move forward and that we would always hear from the Lord
Thank you for your interest, please feel free to contact us if you want to support us financially or if you just want to get in touch. Above all else please pray for us, for Jimmy and for Mission Macedonia.
Blessings in Jesus name – the Mission Macedonia team.